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See how we’ve helped real corporations and law firms automate processes, improve expertise, save costs and improve operational flexibility. Our litigation, discovery and managed support services achieve true results.

DTI Streamlines Operations for Northern Trust and Delivers $25K+ Annually 8/25/17

At the Northern Trust Company, a wealth and asset management company, the in-house mail operations were staffed with 37 employees in three mail rooms in three locations. All of the employees in the mailroom were seasoned, with an average of 12 years with the company. The mail room had become a heavy financial burden and […]

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Regulatory anti-trust audit improved by use of conceptual analytics and technology-assisted review 8/14/17

A multinational technology company was experiencing frequent regulatory scrutiny– especially in the area of antitrust. With billions of dollars in fines and penalties at risk, the company’s compliance team began a regular series of anti-trust audits to unearth and correct potential risks. Each quarter the business was carefully checked using a method that included a […]

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Foreign Language Expertise & Experience Exceed Client Expectations 6/28/17

A global high-tech and manufacturing company was facing patent infringement litigation claims and counterclaims, along with a U.S. International Trade Commission investigation. The data volumes involved were expected to be significant, the timeline expedited, and there were multiple language needs. The source data included a large amount of old email data with language encoding issues […]

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DTI Reduces Litigation Response Time with Education 6/28/17

A leading medical device manufacturing company had no control over their outsourcing needs because outside counsel managed their projects, leaving them unable to manage their costs. The client was looking for more efficient project management and cost reduction methods. However, budgets were tight. Read full case study here.

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DTI Delivers eDiscovery Managed Services for Large Energy Company 6/28/17

A multinational, Fortune 500 energy company made plans to buy and install new in-house eDiscovery software in a planned transition away from their legacy eDiscovery processing and hosting environment. DTI proposed an alternative subscribed service incorporating a DTI-hosted solution for private, self-service access to a kCura Relativity environment. Read full case study here.

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DTI Rapidly Deploys Records & Information Management Services in Seven Days 6/6/17

A New York based law firm was looking for a solution for their records management needs.  The current outsourcing vendor was struggling to meet the firm’s expectations and failing to execute on assigned projects and commitments. Read this case study and learn how the DTI team demonstrated their expertise in finding a perfect solution while under […]

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DTI Improves Mailroom Efficiencies 6/6/17

DTI used the Lean Six Sigma methodology to evaluate a client’s mail room processes and evaluate ways to increase efficiencies.  Read this case study and learn how making two key changes, the DTI team was able to save the client money and improve service delivery.

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DTI Delivers Best in Class Hospitality Service, No Matter the Time Constraint 5/24/17

The DTI Management Solutions team delivered best in class services to a firm when they needed it most.  Read this case study and learn how the DTI team implemented best practices to establish hospitality and back office support services. Read the case study here.

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DTI Brings Legal Expertise to Contract Management for Energy Client 4/17/17

A change in tax code meant a global energy company needed to review a large number of primarily paper-based legal contracts. The tax code change was potentially favorable, but like many large corporations, they had no corporate standard for storing and managing their legal documentation. Click here for full case study.

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Streamlining Deposition and Witness Kit Preparation Using Advanced Workflows 4/17/17

Financial institutions are often challenged with having to respond to broad document requests and produce large volumes of data in litigation and regulatory matters.  Legal teams are often confronted with having to sift through thousands of produced documents to isolate the critical and most relevant documents needed for depositions.  Our client, a global financial institution, […]

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