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Evidence in the electronic age: the rise of the Sedona Canada Principles 7/31/17

The world is moving from print toward electronically stored information (ESI), and the legal profession is no exception. Since ESI is discoverable, lawyers must understand the effects ESI can have on their discovery process. Drafted in 2008 and updated in 2016, the Sedona Canada Principles sought to provide reasoned guidance on how to handle the […]

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DTI Technology-Assisted Review 4/24/17

Technology-assisted review, also known as TAR or predictive coding, incorporates well-known technologies from information retrieval science and brings them to bear on the problem of identifying relevant and non-relevant documents. Read more here.

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The Ethical Custodian: The Messy Truth About Records and Information Management in Law Firms 2/16/17

Law firms are in the information business.  Information is a critical operational asset for firms, and is effectively the primary product.  With the dramatic explosion of the volume of information and the risks inherent in operating in a largely digital universe, it is not only prudent but critical for firms to invest in developing an […]

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Practical Considerations for Managing eDiscovery Review and Production for IP Matters 2/9/17

Most successful electronic discovery (eDiscovery) review and production workflows result from the marriage of substantive and technical understanding of three factors: The contents of the electronically stored information (ESI) data set; the goals of the discovery process; and workflow options and limitations. The purpose of this paper is to identify nuances and consistencies specific to […]

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Charting an eDiscovery Course with Technology Assisted Review 8/25/16

The modern claims professional, helping an insured client navigate a high risk litigation, has two goals; he or she wants their client to achieve a reasonable settlement or receive a favorable ruling, and they also want to keep the cost of any such settlement and the expenses leading up to it reasonable. It can come […]

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The West Coast Forensics Lab 7/12/16

DTI is pleased to announce the opening of the west coast forensics lab, which allows DTI to better serve its west coast clients with both state-of-the-art technology and our well-seasoned forensics team. The lab was designed by forensics experts, for forensics experts, to efficiently and securely receive computer evidence, properly document that evidence, and then […]

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A Legal Services Transformation 6/29/16

Legal costs have skyrocketed in recent years, as have the risks associated with recent data breaches at major AmLaw law firms. This DTI White Paper explains why transitioning to a managed services model will cut costs and minimize your risk. Access it here.

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4 Ways to Make Deposition Prep Smoother 6/29/16

Many aspects of the deposition process cannot be controlled, but attorneys can ensure that they—and their witnesses—are well prepared by reviewing key facts, documents, and timelines ahead of the deposition. The problem is that depositions often take place long before review is complete, so there are still large document volumes for the case team to […]

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Leveraging Technology to Decrease Cost 5/25/16

Attitudes concerning technology continue to evolve as our perceptions can be altered more rapidly than the technology itself changes.   No need to debate how Facebook, Twitter, or Edward Snowden have impacted the dialogue surrounding technology and our culture overall.  What is important, however, is how our ability to interact virtually has shifted so swiftly and […]

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Automation in eDiscovery: Building Guardrails Without Sacrificing Flexibility 4/27/16

Most people would agree that rule number one in eDiscovery is quality, followed closely by speed. No matter how many perfect deliveries you’ve shipped to a client, one incident of producing privileged documents can be enough to torpedo your relationship.  Zach Nolte discusses how to maintain effective guidelines within your eDiscovery process to maintain a quality […]

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