LitWorks & Espion Launch Litigation Support Training Program in the UK

Europe-based Espion now offers LitWorks Certified Litigation Support Professional Training to its law firm and corporate legal clients.

DUBLIN IRELAND and ATLANTA, GA — February 20, 2013 — LitWorks, A DTI Company, announces that today, it is launching its Certified Litigation Support Professional Training courses in the UK with Espion, a leading forensics and eDiscovery service provider in Europe. The program will be taught with an eye towards cross-border litigation processes and protocols between the US and the UK.

LitWorks is the first and most comprehensive training company dedicated exclusively to developing and sharing best practices in the litigation support and eDiscovery industry. Staying current with changing regulations and new technology applications is more critical than ever for today’s legal professionals. The evolution of eDiscovery requires even seasoned litigation support managers to prioritise professional development.

The first training course, “LitWorks Certified Litigation Support Professional,” will be held on June 18-21, 2013, at London’s Park Plaza Sherlock Holmes, Marylebone, and is suitable for document review solicitors, litigation paralegals, eDiscovery professionals, legal aides and IT professionals. The focus of the course is to engender industry best practices as well as an excellent understanding of the latest software tools used in the marketplace. The course aims to enable professionals to effectively review a case, assess its needs and make a comprehensive recommendation on how best to manage that case from start to finish.

The course will be led by Kimberly Meyer, Subject Matter Expert, National Training & Development Manager, LitWorks™ Legal Solutions. Ms. Meyer has more than 24 years of experience in the field and previously trained Fortune 500 Corporations and its Office of General Counsel, AMLAW 100 firms, Government and Litigation Service Provider organisations.

Espion training manager Mark Wiley said, “As the UK enacts its new eDiscovery rules introduced in 2010, we see more and more training requests from solicitors, paralegals and litigation support staff in the UK who are looking to elevate and accelerate their understanding of how to handle eDiscovery.

LitWorks boasts a successful track record in supporting US legal professionals who were required to adopt similar rules in 2006. LitWorks has also been at the forefront of developing certification programs and enabling the legal professionals to excel in their roles.”

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