Company History


DTI was founded in 1998 in Chicago, Illinois, and was known as Document Technologies, Inc. DTI initially began as a local market, copying and printing service company with strong ambitions to expand our expertise. Our first objective was to develop a sophisticated model allowing us to deliver quality, cost-effective services. After implementing this design, DTI quickly found success and was able to replicate this strategy to grow in size, capabilities, and locations.


Leveraging our knowledge of law firm operations and proven document management capabilities, DTI entered the on-site legal facilities management (FM) business in 1999.

By 2002, DTI was recognized as an established national service provider in the United States.

DTI expanded its scope in 2003 to include electronically stored information (ESI) services. The company’s National Data Centers provide a complex platform capable of supporting a wide range of ESI functions, including computer forensics, data acquisition, data extraction and conversion, and web hosting.

Expansion into new markets continued and by 2007 DTI had established operations in most major legal markets in the U.S. Continued growth has been achieved both organically and by strategic acquisition, including that of eDiscovery pioneer and industry leader Daticon EED in 2010.

In 2011, DTI further expanded the scope of its offerings to include outsourcing services for clients in areas such as word processing and proofreading, desktop publishing services, research, finance and accounting, contract management, and managed document review.

2012 was another year of great change for DTI as it rebranded in order to accommodate services and offerings that go beyond “Documents and Technology,” plus the company acquired Texas-based Providus, a leading provider of legal staffing, recruiting, and document review services. In November 2012, DTI acquired Fios. Further solidifying its mission to remain as a Top Tier provider and thus capturing additional intellectual capital, technical expertise, and extensive technology infrastructure.

In January 2014, DTI continued its growth trajectory with the acquisitions of Applied Discovery, one of the most established eDiscovery brands in the market, Falcon Discovery, a provider of managed document review and eDiscovery management services and Hudson Legal’s eDiscovery practice, one of the largest and longest serving providers of eDiscovery consulting and managed review. These acquisitions have furthered DTI’s depth of expertise with experienced project management and service professionals.

In June of 2015, DTI completed the acquisition of Merrill Corporation’s Legal Solutions business. The acquisition expands the DTI platform in both scope and geographic reach while adding legal service operations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. DTI continues to demonstrate our commitment to supporting multinational clients and to leading a large-scale transformation in the legal industry.


From first servicing one local market, to now efficiently reaching a wide global market, we have dramatically grown in numbers and in strength. We have built a powerful global infrastructure of Knowledge, Technology, and Review Centers.