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Epiq’s analytical tools speed up e-discovery 11/16/17

November 14, 2017 – Electronic discovery and document review are tech-heavy, but Toronto manager Jason Bell-Masterson says it is the human knowledge, combined with his company’s technological power, that sets Epiq apart. “We are not simply pushing buttons, which is how some people think of this industry,” Bell-Masterson, manager of client services at the global provider of legal services […]

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All too often a business finds itself in the middle of a litigation with demands being made to provide records to an opposing party. As most legal practitioners are not spending their days reading the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), complying with these demands can be confusing and not following the rules can result […]

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Office 365 Primer for eDiscovery Professionals 9/19/17

Office 365 is a cloud computing service from Microsoft providing email, collaboration, real-time messaging (IM) and other productivity tools to individuals and organizations. Office 365 falls into the Software as a Service (SaaS) category of cloud computing, as the user or organization subscribes to the service, paying a monthly fixed fee for a bundle of […]

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The Benefits of Advanced Analytics for Financial Institutions: A Breakthrough for Efficiency and Compliance 9/18/17

Many attorneys are under the impression that keyword searches are the core of discovery. Their assumption is that the natural (and perhaps only) method for locating documents is to run a simple language search through a large set of potentially relevant documents. This search would be followed by a considerable number of document review attorneys […]

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Data Breaches at Law Firms: Is Human Recklessness the Weakest Link? 9/12/17

Judging by the catastrophic data breaches at so many top law firms lately (not to mention the rise of broad-scale data breaches across all industries), the legal industry’s security standards could use some upgrading. The ABA’s 2016 Legal Technology Survey reported that one-fourth of all large firms (500+ lawyers) have experienced data breaches. About 40 percent of these led to major business disruption and income losses.

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Innovation at DTI Epiq 8/31/17

by Cliff Dutton, Chief Innovation Officer at DTI Epiq The past decade has seen extraordinary change in how legal services are delivered and consumed. From my early experience as national technical editor of the first Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) to my more recent experience in the emerging legal operations profession, I’ve had a front […]

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Evidence in the electronic age: the rise of the Sedona Canada Principles 7/31/17

The world is moving from print toward electronically stored information (ESI), and the legal profession is no exception. Since ESI is discoverable, lawyers must understand the effects ESI can have on their discovery process. Drafted in 2008 and updated in 2016, the Sedona Canada Principles sought to provide reasoned guidance on how to handle the […]

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DTI Technology-Assisted Review 4/24/17

Technology-assisted review, also known as TAR or predictive coding, incorporates well-known technologies from information retrieval science and brings them to bear on the problem of identifying relevant and non-relevant documents. Read more here.

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The Ethical Custodian: The Messy Truth About Records and Information Management in Law Firms 2/16/17

Law firms are in the information business.  Information is a critical operational asset for firms, and is effectively the primary product.  With the dramatic explosion of the volume of information and the risks inherent in operating in a largely digital universe, it is not only prudent but critical for firms to invest in developing an […]

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Practical Considerations for Managing eDiscovery Review and Production for IP Matters 2/9/17

Most successful electronic discovery (eDiscovery) review and production workflows result from the marriage of substantive and technical understanding of three factors: The contents of the electronically stored information (ESI) data set; the goals of the discovery process; and workflow options and limitations. The purpose of this paper is to identify nuances and consistencies specific to […]

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